Yuhuan Quanbang Machinery Co., Ltd., located in Yuhuan - the leading production base of automobile and motorcycle ,and also in the gold southeast coast with active economy, and known as the East China Sea. Here is elegant environment, and pleasant climate, near well-developed port city of Wenzhou, State Road 104, and close Huangyan and Wenzhou, so the transportation is very convenient. 

        We focus on the designing, developing, manufacturing, selling of the products, specialized in producing automotive semi-adjusting arm, camshaft, hydraulic fittings, axle parts, wheel bolts, high strength anti-loose bolts, standard parts and non-standard bolts , Nut, .automotive steering components and so on.
        We have advanced technology and testing equipment to ensure the stability of all products and superior quality. We have comprehensive and strict quality management system in raw materials), the production process, packaging and marketing services. We are constantly working to improve and innovate our products to meet the needs of different users and to win the trust and support of our customers with qualified products and good reputation.

Hot Products

  • Control Arm:NE51-34-300D


  • Stabilizer Link:MB809354


  • Idler Arm:MB673525A


  • Stabilizer Link:MB584021


  • Tie Rod End:MB564991


  • Tie Rod End:MB527650


  • Ball Joint:MB527383


  • Ball Joint:MB527350


  • Tie Rod End:MB527169


  • Tie Rod End:MB241206


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